The Right Way to Save Your Book’s Amazon Sales Page Link

By Sandra Beckwith of: Build Book Buzz (Sep 28, 2016)

Amazon searchability

Do you want your book to be seen by more people on Amazon?

Improve its Amazon searchability.

That involves showing up near the top of the Amazon search results when people are looking for a book like yours .

Amy Collins of New Shelves has a great strategy for making sure your book shows up at the top of Amazon search results for your topic or title.

Here’s how it works: Amazon’s search function is actually a powerful search engine. When people are looking for a book on a topic or genre, they use the Amazon search box the same way they use Google: They type in keywords or key phrases related to the book’s subject, the exact title, the author’s name, or maybe the genre.

Amazon figures out what to show them in the same way that Google does. Both search engines rely on users to help them determine which search results are the most relevant. And that’s what you want to do with Amy’s tip — you want to help Amazon learn that your book is relevant to the right search terms.

Read how to do this at:

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