We caught this info going around Facebook and thought we’d share it:

6 Ways You Can Help Promote an Author Friend’s Book


1. Look for their book in stores and if it’s not available, request that they stock it.

A lot of my friends are authors, so I do this for them at Barnes & Noble all the time. I also turn the cover face out on the shelf so it’s easier to see, and when there’s more than one copy, I add one to a display at the end of the shelf, too. If you catch me doing this, I might even smile and tell you, “My friend wrote this book! It’s great!” When the book isn’t in stock, I ask the store to order it.

You can also ask for the book at your local library.


2. Share info about their book with appropriate people by forwarding an author’s marketing emails.

Friends can forward an e-mail to people they know who might be interested in a friend’s book. Ask your author friend to compose an e-mail message that describes the book, explaining who will find it interesting, and give a link to an online purchase site.


3. Provide information about organizations that might use the author as a speaker.

A complimentary word or two from a friend who is a member of an organization could be all an author needs to be the luncheon speaker at a monthly gathering. Every appearance helps spread the word about a book!


4. Share a review online.

Friends can write an honest review on Amazon and other retail sites (Amazon is the most important). It doesn’t have to be lengthy or time consuming.  Even a single line or a few words can be very helpful! An author building a following is said to need 60 to 75 reviews before social credibility is established. So get on Amazon and write; “Great read!” or “Would definitely recommend.” Every review counts no matter how short it is and it’s appreciated more than you know!


5. Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks to share a link to a purchase page.

Friends of authors can write a personal message with the link, such as “Can’t wait to read my friend’s new book about sparking creativity!” or “Nobody writes better cozy mysteries than my friend Sam Cowen – buying his latest book now!”


6. Interview your author friend on your blog.

If your blog’s target audience matches your friend’s book or you think your readers may be interested in your friend’s personal story as a writer, email your author friend with a list of questions that he/she can answer by emailing back. Then cut and paste the questions and answers into your blog as an interview with an eye catching title like, “Author Reveals What it Takes to Succeed. Words of Wisdom to Benefit Anyone who has a Dream.”


A word from The Muses:

Help your writer friends! Buy their books, promote their books, and give their books as gifts!