We’ve heard it many times before… “How do I do it all? I know how to write, but marketing is a totally different animal. I want my book to be successful, but it’s all a bit overwhelming to think about. Where do I start?” 

                Start with yourself… how you view the process.

Think of marketing as sustenance for the entity you have created. View your book as a living, breathing thing and marketing as the key to keeping it alive and seeing it thrive.

Here is one of the best pieces of advice we can offer about writing, marketing and life in general. 

                Live as if you are your own main character. 

When your protagonists come up against a challenge they immediately get to work trying to solve the problem or find a way around it. They are always moving forward and NOTHING stops them for long. 

When marketing your book and promoting yourself as an author:

•Be as determined as your protagonist. 

•Keep your eye on the goal. Remember, your book is not your brand, YOU are. Promote yourself as an author. Your goal is not to sell your current book, but to sell  ALL your future books as well. Your goal is not a best-selling book…it is to become a best-selling author! 

•Learn everything you can about what you are trying to do (the net is full of great, free, expert advice for writers trying to get the word out about their published book). 

•Take a step toward your goal every day. Do at least one small thing EVERY DAY to sell your book/ yourself/ your brand (even if it’s just research etc.). It is important to maintain momentum.

•Don’t let setbacks bother you. Learn from your failures. Turn them to your advantage. Knowing what doesn’t work means you’re one step closer to knowing what does work.

•Don’t let “wet blankets” tell you it can’t be done or that the odds of becoming a best-seller are against you! ANYONE can become a best-selling author! 

•Stay positive. Attitude is everything.

•Pay attention to the clues around you. Everyone and everything has something to offer you that can be used in your pursuit of the goal. Ask everyone questions about their marketing successes AND failures (no matter what the product is). You’d be surprised at how much people will tell you if you just ask and you can learn a great deal!

•Combine authorship with marketing. Use a blog as a place to write and market. 

•Learn short-cuts by following the advice of experts. Research on the net the best way to market your particular genre. Many authors hire their own publicist. They can save time and energy and the author is usually compensated by greater book sales. 

•Buy Guerrilla Marketing for Writers : 100 Weapons to Help You Sell Your Work and read it cover to cover.​

When something stops you, or trips you, or frustrates you… make the choice to move on and try a new approach.​ Every time something you try doesn’t work just say, “NEXT.”