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It is rare that an unpublished book gets media attention in today’s mainstream and online press, but that is precisely what has happened with a young adult fantasy novel entitled Woven. The book is in the news right now because of an issue we here at World Nouveau take very seriously. Discrimination. Woven was cancelled by a Utah-based book publisher just before its release date because one of the novel’s co-authors is openly gay.

Joint authors Michael Jensen and David Powers King collaborated on Woven, and it was due to be published by Cedar Fort Publishing and Media in October.

The controversy started when Jensen realized his own author bio had been edited. The change he noticed was the removal of the line ‘He lives in Salt Lake City with his boyfriend and their four dogs’. The reason given for the removal was the publishing company’s affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Offers by Jensen to change the word “boyfriend” to “partner” were denied.

King’s bio stated that he was married and lived with his wife and children, and Jensen wished for his bio to have the same sort of information. A controversy ensued that resulted in the publishing house dropping the book and returning the rights to the authors.

“While we are disappointed that Woven won’t be published when we originally planned,” said King in an interview, “we’d much rather be signed by a publisher who fully supports us.”

And that is where World Nouveau comes in. We contacted the Woven authors and offered to consider their submission should they choose to send it to us. We fully respect the right of authors to “be who they are.” In fact, we encourage it. An author is a public figure who speaks passionately about the book he or she wrote, and also about LIFE.

Because every author has lived a personal tale of joy and tragedy, triumph and defeat, and those experiences influence and enhance their writing, an author’s life experiences and choices should be given great respect. We honor Jensen’s decision to take a stand against Cedar Fort’s particular form of discrimination, and we would be thrilled to have the authors of Woven consider World Nouveau for the publication of their book, as we honor diversity, and find that individuality is what makes up the fabric of life.