World Nouveau (parent company of Mischievous Muse Press and the newly launched Echomark Press) sends out marketing challenges to all WN authors. Here is one on blogging.

This week’s challenge is: BLOGGING
1. If you haven’t already, sign up for a WordPress account. Go to and follow the instructions to sign up.
2.WRITE A BLOG! A blog is an essay or commentary about your life, a journal or diary that you share with the public. Blogs can be very popular and are an excellent FREE way to advertise your book and to promote yourself!  Recommendations: Start by blogging about being an uncertain blogger, an author just starting out in the world, or about being a seasoned author selling your new upcoming book. This is your chance to let your fan base know who you are as an author and a person. Blog especially about your book’s topic: for example, our author Dolores who wrote a recipe book can share recipes, and Elayne can share about unusual geographic places that inspired her fantasy novel. Keep your blogs mostly about your writing career, although talking about other subjects is okay, too, especially if it somehow fits in with an aspect of your book (for example, environmentalism is a theme in Cat’s books and also something she writes about on her blog).
3. DESIGN YOUR BLOG: WordPress is a relatively easy to use blog with a lot of options to create a simple design. Once you are signed up, look for “Theme Showcase”…you will have the option of several themes. Pick one you like, and “hover” your cursor over it; it will give you an option to “Use This Theme.” Click it, and then you can decide if you like the look, or you can personalize your blog with your own photographs.
ALL AUTHORS should start blogging, even if your book isn’t out yet! Create buzz about your up coming book! 
•Blog at least twice a month. Three or four times a month is a good goal
•Connect your blog to your other social media; Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads, etc.
•Invite interesting guest bloggers to blog on your site if you are too busy to blog or just can’t come up with something to say
•Don’t try to “sell” your followers your book — try to get them interested in the subject matter and in you as a person, so they will want to buy it! If your book is published, periodically post the buy link on with a blog about how you are advertising your book, or what your publicist is doing for you, etc.
•Proof your blog carefully before posting!
•Post interesting photos that pertain to your book’s subject matter
•Once your blog is up and running, you can then do the following:  Tweet on Twitter about your blog, with a link; talk about your blog on Facebook, with a link; and if you have a GoodReads author page or an author page, you may link your blogs on those pages as well. Get as many followers as you can!
 Do it for yourself… do it for your book!
Be Fearless! Your Book deserves it!
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Happy Blogging,
Cat & Gineve